This iPhone notebook saves you a case and lets you tweet during class

There’s something intriguing and almost poetic about juxtiposing the communication tools of today with the communication tool of the past. Jin-Woog Koo has created the Smartphone Notebook 2, which lets you keep your phone directly in your notebook, while still giving you plenty of space to make notes around your embedded iPhone.

Perfect for the people who like to make their notes digitally, but prefer to think with a pen and paper set up.

Sure, there may be a few of you who think this is pointless, but I can think of a couple of times where I’ve done some research on my phone and could use a notepad to jot down my ideas. That being said, this also may be the best case I’ve seen for letting you sneak your phone around town without prying eyes watching your every move.

The notebook is filled with 176 pages of A4-sized paper, and works with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S currently.

Via: DesignBoom

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