This iPhone Case Helps You Measure The World

MeasureWhen someone says “augmented reality,” you start thinking of large obnoxious things like Google’s infamous goggles. Everyone brings up Minority Report, and we all start talking about flying cars. But what if we started small? Let’s talk about iTapemeasure.iTapemeasure is a case for your iPhone 4 and 4S that has a built-in retractable measuring tape. As you extend the tape, the case actually sends the iPhone information about how far it was extended. Not only does the companion app keep track of this information automatically for you, but it also allows you to visually represent the dimensions that you measured. Take a picture of your table, and then the app helps you overlay the pertinent information overtop. This will help you keep track of the space of everything you’re going to be working with. If you’re in the process of moving or redecorating, this case makes a ton of sense.This project has just started, so it isn’t very far along in the funding department. That said, the minimum funding goal isn’t far out of reach — all they need is $13,500 USD. If you want your very own iTapemeasure, you’re going to need to drop $135 USD for one case to be shipped in the US, or you can spend $160 USD for one case to be shipped internationally. What do you think? Is this case worth the cash? Sound off by leaving a comment below this post. We love hearing your thoughts about these nerdy niche accessories.


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