The iPhone Grabs 73% Of Smartphones Sold On AT&T


Clearly, the iPhone is dominant in the smartphone market, but it’s surprising how well it sells despite new Android phones being released all of the time. AT&T’s Q2 financial report just came out, and everything is coming up Milhouse.


AT&T’s quarterly earnings revealed that Apple sold 3.7 million iPhones in the three-month frame, and 22 percent of those customers were new to AT&T. The numbers show that the iPhone represented 73 percent of the total 5.1 million smartphone sales during the quarter.

AT&T remains the only network you can get a free-on-contract iPhone 3GS, so Apple’s aggressive attack at the low-end smartphone market is at least partly deserving of credit here. AppleInsider notes that last quarter Verizon sold 2.9 million Android phones and 2.7 million iPhones. That 3GS seems to be making a pretty big difference. It would be telling if the iPhone 4 was dropped to the free-with-contract model, and then made available on bother Verizon and AT&T. What will the percentages do then? Let’s hope that we see something along those lines later this year at Apple’s iPhone announcement.

Also interesting is that 61.9 percent of AT&T customers (sans prepaid) are using smartphones. The day when we stop counting Apple’s share of smartphones, and start counting their share of total cell phones is coming very soon. We can’t wait.

Source: AppleInsider

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