The Chinese can’t keep up with iPhone 4 demand either

The iPhone 4 isn’t just a “western world” phenomenon, everyone seems to be wanting to get their hands on an iPhone 4 these days, and even the Chinese are having a hard time fullfilling the 200,000 iPhone 4 preorders that China Unicom committed to since the release of the iPhone 4. China Unicom managed to sell about 60,000 physical phones over the launch weekend, with about 40,000 going to individuals, and the rest being shipped to bulk customers.

With all the success of the iPhone 4, it’s hard to say if Apple will announce another new phone in January. While previous generation phones have sold like hot cakes, I don’t remember any of the iPhone 4’s predecessors selling out 9 months after their announcement.

Apple’s traditionally announced a new phone every January, so there is a high likelihood that a new device might get some play time at an event, but it’s going to be hard for Apple Inc to trump the iPhone 4’s demand.

Article  Via MacNN

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