Temple Run Gets The Disney Brave Treatment, Looks Great

Disney and Imangi Studios have teamed up to turn Disney’s Brave into Temple Run, literally. If you’re into Temple Run, and we know 80 million of you are, you’re going to want to check out Brave on June 14th. The game, to be released in eight languages, will be available on June 14th.

The game replaces the Indy knock-off main character with Brave’s heroine Merida, and she runs all over the place, jumping gaps, sliding undter obstacles and collecting coins just like the original, but it also includes some new story-telling elements that help to flesh out the storyline of Pixar’s film.

The game won’t be free, but it will only cost $0.99. A small price to pay for your child’s happiness, no? It’ll be available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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