Macgasm exclusive first look:

With the future of Delicious shaky at best, many users are looking for a new web-based bookmark service to use moving forward. has become the choice for many, as its service closely matches what Yahoo’s does. As smooth as is, it lacks the social company many people have come to expect from web services these days.

Enter will match Delicious, feature-for-feature, and include an easy way to import data from the old service. Bookmarks can be organized easily, and shared to other online services such as Twitter, Digg, Foursquare and more.

But is different. It extends beyond bookmarking, sorting and tagging URLs.

Why not bookmark and tag information about friends in a similar fashion?

The idea is an old one. Outlook, Address Book and other similar programs allow users to organize contacts based on context, tags and more. What’s new is putting this information online, in a great looking and easy-to-understand way. iOS users will be able to add a user to their home screens, allowing quick access to that user’s data and updates from various services. Users can share bookmarks, tags and other information with each other easily and quickly. Users can find new friends with similar interests, all within the experience. is currently a Kickstarter project, with donations being taken here. While coding is already underway, the funds raised help pay for planning, hosting, testing time, and other resources needed to get the service off the ground.

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