Stun Fone: spoof accessory?

A video has surfaced with what looks like a spoof accessory. The Stun Fone is an attachment that you can theoretically add to your iPhone to turn it into a stun gun. It ‘works’ by pressing the volume buttons on the iPhone to trigger it, which doesn’t seem that impossible. Check out this video to see the Stun Fone in action.

There is a lot of talk around this accessory. It isn’t typical that’s for sure, and the creator’s twitter feed assures us it is real, and they are for sale at around $24.99. When I went to their very empty website, it just had a field to enter in an email address for enquiries with a note saying they are currently overwhelmed by demand. There was no other information or details about the item.

A twitter user asks:

to which @stunfone replies:

I’m not convinced. The video doesn’t look like the guy even touched the people, and if he had, I’m sure the results would be more dramatic than them just going “ouch.” Even grape lady was in more pain after her fall. I’ll leave you to decide for yourselves.

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