Starbucks App Finally Updated With iPhone 5 Support

Starbucks has finally updated their iOS app to support the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch’s 4-inch inch screen. This update brings the app to version 2.5.2. The update also brings back the obnoxious dinging noise that plays when a new “star” is added to your Starbucks account, though there is now the option to disable the noise if needed. Thank God.

The application was already updated with iOS 6 and Passbook support earlier this year, but such a long delay for a core feature left both Starbucks and Apple fans disappointed. Considering that Apple and Starbucks have a pretty close relationship, it’s odd to see that Starbucks took their time when releasing this seemingly simple update. Better late than never, right?

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.