Star Wars iPhone Cases

Vader Grabbing Your Camera

Darth Vader is the most badass of all of villains in cinema history. Sure, there are creepier, more powerful, and crazier villains, but none that are even close to the badassitude that Lord Vader achieves. With this case, you can show off your affection for everyone’s favorite Sith Lord. It’s particularly badass because it looks like Vader has had just about enough of your iSight camera.

Price: $6.85 USD
Fits: iPhone 4/4S

Adorable Artoo

R2-D2 is the best. He was the comedic relief long before George Lucas ever got the idea for Jar Jar. Now with this iPhone case, you can turn your phone into a little Artoo. Luckily, Siri makes a lot more sense when she speaks than our favorite droid ever has.

Price: $19.95 USD
Fits: iPhone 4/4S

Vader Collage

If the first case wasn’t enough for you, this case is a whole collage of Darth Vader. He’s glaring, staring, and pointing incredulously. Never before have you been so close to the dark side of the force. Feel its power!

Price: $17.80 USD
Fits: iPhone 4/4S

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