The next stage of playing Angry Birds: Man vs Robot

Everyone who owns an iPhone knows that Angry Birds is probably the most successful franchise that ever evolved out of a simple iOS game. Millions of app downloads, toys, clothes, iPhone and iPad cases and a movie in the making show that humanity is crazy for those little pig-fighting birds.

But not just humanity. The robots have caught the fever now.

Finnish company OptoFidelity developed an Angry Birds-playing robot that plays the game just as good as we humans do (if not better). Besides working on video game-playing robots, the company usually uses robots to test touch panels by using video and optical measuring systems. That’s why they had all the hardware they required to build the Angry Birds robot already in house. The challenge, says one of the developers, was to get the system to finish every level of the game with a three-star rating.

Now, what do you do with a robot that’s perfect at Angry Birds? Let it compete agains humans, of course! OptoFidelity says on its website that they plan to further develop the application to make it ready for competition.

Until today there have been chess championships and quizzes between humans and robots. Since this application by OptoFidelity can be developed further, in future also games which are controlled with motions may be played against robots.

This making of video gives you some insights into the development of the robot and the way it works.

Article Via Cult Of Mac

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