Did Spotify’s Daniel Ek spill the beans about Siri integration with third party apps?

A giant article on Spotify and Daniel Ek from Forbes may have inadvertently spilled the beans about upcoming Siri integration with iOS apps. On page five of an article, titled Spotify’s Daniel Ek: Most Important Man In Music, Ek apparently whipped out his iPhone to show off Siri and Spotify integration :

“Google has 30,000 employees,” Ek says. “A part of me wonders what if they were all focused on really solving search.” He takes out his iPhone. Using its Siri voice software, he asks it when tomorrow’s first appointment begins. After a few seconds the computerized voice says 11 a.m. “Imagine if this was three times as fast or truly understood my intent,” Ek says. “It’s probably the biggest threat to Google; it’s a whole new way of interacting.” Does he plan on building a voice activated Spotify interface? He flashes a mischievous smile. “Play me some Coldplay,” he tells the phone. Its small speakers ring out with the opening piano chords of the band’s hit “The Scientist.” “We hacked into it a few weeks ago,” Ek says, with a satisfied nod. “I’m not an inventor. I just want to make things better.”

We all assume that Siri integration is on the horizon for Apple and app developers in the near future, but it sounds like it could be closer than we may have anticipated. There are plenty of hacks going around for Siri, and Ek could be making use of some of those; however, it would make sense if someone with Spotify’s clout was playing around with the technology “off the record.” Who knows though, it could be nothing. Either way, we’re pretty pumped about where Siri can take us moving forward. Have you ever used Microsoft’s Sync in a car? Can you imagine how much better that experience would be with Siri? Hands-free in your car would be taken to a whole new level.

The entire article with Daniel Ek is a fantastic read. Make sure you give it some attention.

Read Spotify’s Daniel Ek: Most Important Man In Music over at Forbes.

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