SPIN launches an iPad app, and so far it’s pretty nifty

Many print publishers have thrown a hat into the digital publishing ring, taking a stab at redefining this new-age medium. Frankly, no one has gotten it right just yet. People keep trying, and people keep doing the same things as everyone else. It’s kind of frustrating dropping money for a digital magazine and constantly being disappointed by what ends up being delivered on the other end.

SPIN has just released an iPad app – SPIN Play – that is very heavy on the music and photos, and very light on the suckage.

The iPad is destined to redefine media, and there’s no better industry to get that started than publishers in the music world. Music videos, concert photography, and audio tracks all lend themselves quite well to the iPad. SPIN magazine has made an attempt at marrying all of those mediums together and wrapping them up in a nice package.

Currently the March edition of the application is free in the U.S. App Store. As it stands, the Canadian App Store is missing the application, but we’re assuming that the digital magazine will make it into most markets eventually.

We’re going to save our bigger opinions for a review, so think of this post as an announcement. We recommend checking out SPIN Play. You’re not going to be disappointed. Unless you hate music, and if that’s the case, well, you don’t want to hear my thoughts on that.

Article Via The Next Web

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