Let it snow! Angry Birds Seasons a free update

Tis the season for holiday themed games and DLC, and Rovio is getting into the spirit by releasing a new Christmas edition of its extremely successful Angry Birds game for iOS and other mobile platforms. “Wait, again? But I just bought their Halloween edition of Angry Birds!” Never fear, Rovio has got your back.

As revealed by a tweet @RovioMobile, it seems that for users who bought the iOS version of Angry Birds Halloween, Rovio will be giving them the winter themed Angry Birds Seasons as a free update. The Halloween edition featured 45 levels of spooky backgrounds and pumpkin clad pigs for the birds to smash. The new updated version will feature snowballs and 25 levels, to count down the days between today and Christmas.

Angry Birds is such a winning formula that all Rovio needs to do is release new levels and themes and it will have a hit. In giving away the Seasons update for free, I think they’re striking a nice balance between paid upgrades and free updates. And hey, it’s Christmas, right? That’s gotta count for something, and it also builds up good feelings towards the developer, making it more likely that you’ll be willing to pay for the next one. And we’re talking $0.99 here. It’s not like they’re gouging us, right?

Angry Birds Seasons should be showing up in the iTunes App Store today.

Article Via TUAW

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