Skyfire browser approved. Streams Flash video to iOS devices

The wait for Flash video on iOS devices seems to have reached its end. Skyfire has managed to get an application onto the App Store that converts Flash videos to HTML5 compliant videos on the fly, and best of all, Apple’s approved it.

So, all of those illegal websites streaming television shows might just find a new market on iOS devices. There are some limitations, however. If the Flash files aren’t streaming video the application won’t work.

Games and other Flash-based websites will continue to be broken on iOS devices. Skyfire only converts Flash videos on the fly, not entire Flash websites. There are also a number of websites already blocking access to their websites from the Skyfire application. Most notable, and probably the least surprising, is Hulu. They’re still trying to figure out a way to grab mobile users’ money by offering a $10.00 per month package that lets users stream Hulu content to mobile devices.

The application was submitted for review in September, and just received approval, so it’s pretty obvious that there was an extensive review process going on with the Skyfire application.

But, as of now, this is a completely sanctioned method of getting Flash video on your iOS devices. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in this market space in the upcoming months.

You will be able to buy the app for $2.99 on the App Store.  It’s still not available for some, but rest assured, the application will be available shortly.

Video of Skyfire in action

Article Via CNN Money and iPodNN

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