Get Siri on iPod touch after restoring from iPhone 4S backups? This guy says YES.

We all want Siri on our iOS devices. I mean all of them. First off, hackers and developers made their attempts at hacking iOS, but with little success. Then, iOS 5.1.3 beta gave users some hope with mention of dictation in the keyboard setting screen on the  iPod touch. Now, a guy claims to have gotten Siri on his iPod touch – by restoring his device from an iPhone 4S background.

Of course, AppleGordon’s “accident” came with some limitations. For one, Siri can’t connect to Apple’s servers, but I’m sure we’re used to hearing that by now. Not to mention, Gordon reports that ever since Siri joined his device, the iPod has been very buggy and crashes several times per day. However, dictation is said to be working fine. He’s even replicated the process with an iPhone 4 with the same results.

A video showing an iPod touch running Siri. This iPod was restored from an iPhone 4S backup, and somehow the Siri files came along with it. While this iPod is jailbroken, it contains no 3rd party Siri tweaks or hacks to enable Siri. Siri as itself doesn’t connect to Apple’s servers, but it’s reported that Siri dictation works just fine.

Now, we don’t know if this story is entirely true, or if some parts are being omitted. After all, I’m sure Apple would have patched up such an easy process if it existed since they don’t want to bring Siri to other iOS devices. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend you try this at home, kids. It’s a dark road – a.k.a., you might end up bricking your iOS device. Just saying.

What do you think of the situation? Real?

Via: CultofMac

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