Shazam’in to the tune of 100 million users

The first thing most music-loving, iPhone-wielding iPhone users do is download Shazam. How many times have you been at a pub or in the car wondering what track is coming through the speakers? It happens to me quite often.

Great music is hard to find, and Shazam helps you remember what you’ve heard at a later date. Shazam is no secret though. They have recently identified their one billionth track, and today they announced that they now have 100 million users.

Shazam doesn’t just stop at letting you discover music.  They’ve also partnered with advertising agencies, and television shows to create an audio-like QR code system recently.

The second step towards a world like minority place is now under way (here’s the first step).

How does the app work?

Open up Shazam and hit the giant tag button while music is playing. The application will then listen for key audio markers, submit the information, and then reveal what track is playing on the speakers. Shazam then gives you links to purchase music, watch youtube videos, and save the information for later.

It’s also free on the App Store. If you like what you’re seeing, you can also get Shazam Encore, which is their “premium” edition of the application. It comes in at $5.99.

Article Via Mashable

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