At this year’s Game Developers Conference, LucasArts officially announced that Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition and Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge will be coming to a Macintosh near you. Released on the Xbox 360, Windows, and iPhone last year, the first Monkey Island is headed to the PS3 as well. We can expect LeChuck’s Revenge on all of the above platforms sometime this summer.

Like the first remake, Monkey Island 2 will be a scene-for-scene update of the classic adventure game with modern, hand-drawn graphics and voice acting. Unlike the Secret of Monkey Island, the voice acting will be available in both the new and classic mode. We’ll also see the implementation of an optional direct control input methodology to complement the classic point and click scheme.

Hot off the heels of Telltale Games and Valve announcing Mac compatibility, this seems like a very good sign for those of us that crave a gaming experience on the Mac.

Image Credit: LucasArts