Samsung Jabs Apple Again With TV Commercial That Mocks Lineups, New iPhone 5 Features

Samsung has released another ad whose sole purpose is making fun of iPhone 5 buyers who plan on waiting in line tomorrow for the release. Samsung released a similar ad last year after the iPhone 4S was released and has been making other jabs at Apple lately as well. The newest ad attempts to promote the Samsung Galaxy S3, while mocking all the iPhone 5 lineups, under the title “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here.”

Samsung makes fun of all the the new features of the iPhone 5, without actually calling it by name. People in the commercial refer to the iPhone 5 as a precious jewel because of the sapphire crystals that are used and mock the repositioning of the new headphone jack. The Apple fans in the ad are all excited about the new features, but when a few Samsung Galaxy S3 owners walk by they start ogling what the device is able to do, like sharing playlists just by touching two phones together.

The commercial also makes note that Samsung’s phone already has a larger screen than the 4-inch iPhone 5 screen and that it had 4G LTE connectivity before Apple.

Clearly Samsung is trying to deter people from getting the iPhone 5 when it is released tomorrow, but something tells me the lineups outside of Apple Stores won’t be any shorter as a result of this commercial.

Source: YouTube

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