Rumor: iPhone 5 home button and speaker photos leak

If you were holding out for a capacitive home button in the next iPhone 5, you may be out of luck. The latest iPhone 5 leak shows off what is allegedly an iPhone 5 speaker and home button. The image can also be referred to as a random piece of black plastic with wires sticking out of it.

No seriously, it’s a piece of plastic with wires.

If iPhoneItalia is to be believed at this point, these iPhone 5 parts reveal two things: no touch sensitive button and a mono speaker. But, keep in mind that that’s a very strong if at this point.

Comparing these photos to a tear down of the iPhone 4 photos from iFixit reveals one thing for certain: this isn’t a production model. Now that I think about it, when was the last time you saw random wires being used in an Apple product?

At the very most this thing is a prototype.  We’ll be sure to follow up with this once the iPhone 5 actually ships, and we start seeing iPhone 5 teardown photos.

Article Via iPhoneItalia

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