Rumor: iPhone 5 coming in October with a better camera and a faster CPU

There’s nothing like starting off your fine Monday morning with another rumor based around the iPhone 5. The rumor’s origin point is Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities, who points out that the iPhone 5 will see a spec bump more in line with the iPad 2 than the transition from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4.

Ming-Chi expects to see an 8 megapixel camera, a new antenna design, and a Qualcomm baseband chipset (possibly dual-band). That’s where he thinks the changes will end. There won’t be a new redesign, and the phone will likely look exactly like the iPhone 4.

This latest rumor is in stark contrast with previous rumors that have been circulating the internet in the past months. We’ve heard things ranging from a complete redesign, bigger screen, and liquid metal body, to a whole host of other possibilities.  However, Ming-Chi has also reaffirmed some other rumors previously circulating the internet.  Earlier this month it was reported that Sony would be providing 8 megapixel cameras for the iPhone 5, that the device would be getting a Qualcomm dual-band chipset, and that production of the device won’t start until September at least.  As you can see, most of what Ming-Chi Kuo is stating has already been circulating around the rumor mill for some time. There’s not much new to see in the report.

Perhaps the most notable thing we can take from the report is the speculated release date. According to Ming-Chi’s report, the iPhone 5 won’t be going to production until September, which would result in a late September or early October release. If true, that would put the iPhone 5 right on schedule for a release during Apple’s back-to-school event that they seem to hold every September. The event typically focuses on the iPod, so it’ll be interesting to see if there will be an extra emphasis on the iPhone and iPod touch instead of the iPod lineup.

iPhone 6 gets an inadvertent mention

Just when iPhone 5 rumors were starting to ramp up, the iPhone 6 gets a mention in passing. The Concord Securities report from Ming-Chi also makes mention of a possible iPhone 6 and its release date, according to Apple Bitch.

It’s the first we’re hearing about the iPhone 6 so we’re a bit skeptical. According to Ming-Chi, Apple’s looking to keep up with Android’s release schedule and hardware bumps.

This additional iPhone could also be the smaller and cheaper iPhone that we’ve been hearing about from analysts for the last couple of months. It’s been rumored that Apple’s looking to take the market by storm with a severely discounted iPhone.

Article Via Apple Bitch
Photo Credit: Luigi Pica

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