Rumor: iPhone 4 stock to be scaled back for iPhone 5 by mid-September

Rumors have surfaced on Engadget that the iPhone 5 is on track for a fall release sometime after September 12, despite recent claims to the contrary from some very influential tech journalists. According to Engadget an anonymous tipster has sent word that spanish carrier Telefónica has received word that they’re to begin scaling back their iPhone stock in time for that date to prepare for the launch of a new phone.

While Telefónica may actually be legitimately scaling back their iPhone 4 stock with the deadline of September 12, 2011, there’s no evidence that Apple will ship the iPhone 5 by that date.

We’ve heard various reports suggesting various possibilities. We’ve heard that the phone could be announced in September, but released in October. We’ve heard that both an announcement and shipment will occur in September. We’ve heard that the phone won’t be available to the holiday season. Heck, at this point, we’ve probably herds every possible combination of outcomes in the rumor mill, which likely only means one things: no on has a clue when it’s going to ship.

But, because people have already placed dibs on almost every month between now and Christmas, we’re going to take the only one that’s left: November.  Why hasn’t anyone suggested that the iPhone 5 could be released in November? Why all the hate?

There, now we have rumors for September, October, November, and December. Someone has to be right, right?

An aside

I’m not going to pretend for a moment that we don’t love rumors, we do. We love them because they’re playful, and they let us speculate about what the future holds. But, that’s where it begins and ends for me personally, they’re fun to talk about, prognosticate about, and even laugh at from time to time.

So, I just want to make sure you, our super awesome readers, are on the same page as we are: rumors are speculative at best. We see the traffic, and we know you guys crave the latest gossip out of Cupertino as much as anyone else, but we just want to make sure that you know that when we say a rumor has surfaced, there’s a very high likelihood that it’s not founded in reality. This latest case, noted above, is a clear indication of that. The on again, off again rumor doesn’t seem to know the beginning from the end. The iPhone has been rumoured to be available in September, not available in September, and now it’s back on for September. See what we mean?

Clearly no one knows, and the powers that do know clearly aren’t sharing the information. My money is on the executive team at Apple sitting back and laughing at all of us plebs tossing around rumors.

Source: Engadget
Note: Image in the header is a concept, not an iPhone 5.

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