Rumor: Apple to remove the home button from iPad 2 and iPhone 5

Some rumors seem far-fetched, and while this one does, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Apple has a propensity to remove ports and buttons from their devices with a fervor unlike anyone else. On the surface, removing the home button from their iOS device line up, including both the iPhone 5 and iPad 2, doesn’t seem all that plausible at the moment, but it would surprise very few people if it actually happened.

Boy Genuis Report is claiming that they have a source that has indicated that the home button will in fact be disappearing from the iPhone 5 and iPad 2. The evidence that supports their claims is found in the increased gesture support that’s present in the recently released iOS 4.3 beta software that shipped yesterday.

The rumors don’t end there though. The source also goes on to say PhotoBooth and iLife tools will be made available for the iPad 2 upon its release.

Why do we even need any holes in the iPad and iPhone anyway? Qrunchmonkey on Twitter, who is also the developer of GetScreenNinja, has this to say: “Think about this: An iPad with WiFi syncing, inductive charging and iOS 4.3 wouldn’t need to have any holes or buttons AT ALL.”

That’s some food for thought, outside of the obvious need for speaker holes. Given the current rumors that surround speaker location, it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, if we really wanted to get into it, AirPlay could eliminate the need for speakers in the device once the technology is adopted by more dock and audio manufacturers.

What do you think? Is Apple’s next holy war against buttons and holes in their iPad?

Article Via TiPb

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