Rumor: Apple hasn’t even sent out production plans for iPhone 5

It’s hard for a phone to be released at WWDC if Apple hasn’t even begun sending out production plans to plants. According to Digitimes, Apple hasn’t provided manufacturers with a production timeline yet for the iPhone 5, nor have they asked manufacturers to scale back the production of the iPhone 4 just yet.

This latest rumor supports the claims that the iPhone 5 won’t make its way to store shelves until at least September. There have been rumors online suggesting that the iPhone 5 may make its debut during Apple’s annual iPod event in September, but we haven’t heard anything concrete on that front. There hasn’t been any official word out of Apple on why the typical WWDC release schedule has been abandoned, or if it even has been abandoned to begin with. We don’t expect to hear a peep either.

If we had to hazard a guess, the current iPad release schedule and the past iPhone release schedule are too close together for consumers. While most people don’t feel the need purchase a new iPhone or iPad every time something is released, giving them an extra couple of months in between major purchases could make upgrading both devices easier for some.

Also, if a September release date does end up being true, it could be a commentary on Apple’s vision for the iPod lineup and the roadmap for the iPhone. If app capable devices are the future, then what does that say about the iPods that don’t have touch screen capabilities?

Article Via Electronista
Photo Credit: iPhone In Canada

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