Romo The iPhone Robot Shipping In March

Everyone needs their own personal robot. While we’re far from Rosie in the “do things for us” department, Romo’s smile looks like it can be pretty addictive. The cute, friendly, and cuddly iPhone robot may not do the dishes, but it can certainly mess with your cat, which makes it worth the $149.00 price tag.

So, what can Romo do?

Well, you can bend him to your will from anywhere in the world, which means he can play hide-and-seek with your kids while you watch TV or play with your pets while you’re at work.

Now that I think of it, has anyone tried strapping a Roomba to Romo’s brain?

The Romo isn’t out just yet, but Romotive plans on shipping out the first robots some time in March. Now’s the time to order one if you’re looking for a new pet Robot.

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