Redesigned iOS 6 App Store Is A Downgrade According To Visually Impaired Users

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 6, has been met with tumultuous reviews. While it includes a number of enhanced features for disabled users, the newly designed App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore have been met with criticism from visually impaired users, who say it’s a step backward from the previous version.

J.P. Shandra, an AppleInsider reader, explained that the new layout in the iOS App Store has caused a lot of problems for him. For example, the redesigned horizontal interface for listing the top apps, books, and music is reportedly causing problems for those who use the VoiceOver feature in iOS.

Shandra also said that with the iOS 6 update, VoiceOver can’t read application ratings anymore. Before he could have his iPhone tell him the average review score of content sold on the App Store or Apple’s other digital stores.

Though he’s frustrated with the new design of the digital storefronts, Shandra did note that iOS 6 has a lot of improvements related to accessibility, which he thinks Apple should get credit for.

Over the years, Apple has been very receptive to input from disabled users. Before releasing iOS 6 a few weeks ago, Apple made a number of last minute accessibility fixes that were appreciated by users. iOS 6 has increased accessibility support for new “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, which Apple has said it’s working on with top manufacturers.

The software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has also added VoiceOver support to Maps, AssistiveTouch, and Zoom, which gives the screen reader more functionality in iOS 6. Obviously Apple has been trying hard to make its devices and software as accessible as possible, so hopefully it fixes the issues that Shandra and others may still have with iOS 6.

Source and Image Credit: Apple Insider

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