Read Hacker News? There’s an app for that

Out of all the social news websites on the Internet, one of the best, Hacker News, probably has some of the most interesting submissions on their front page. They’re often the most consistent, and it usually results in the best curated experience on the Internet. The problem, at least for me, is that the website leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully, there’s a new app for that. The application is called Hacker News Paper, and it’s available on the App Store for $1.99 until November 28th.

The application stays true to its Hacker News roots, keeping things simple. But it provides a more iPad-friendly layout, and takes all of those Hacker News posts and puts them into a more traditional iPad-newspaper style, complete with a quick synopsis.

Perusing Hacker News is a lot easier, and finding new and interesting information is just a little bit better than heading over to the website. It automatically downloads all the front page stories, and the complete article text so you don’t have to leave the app to read the article.

Anyway, it’s pretty neat, especially if you’re big into Hacker News, so we recommend checking it out, especially now that it’s on sale for a limited time.

Hat tip to Steve Streza

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