Qualcomm bringing augmented reality tools to the iPhone


Augmented reality was a huge deal during late 2009 and early 2010, but since then we haven’t heard too much about it. Sure, apps come and go, but nothing seems to be sticking around on the mass market. Apps seem to stay on my phone for a couple of days, then immediately go to that special place where apps go to die.

Qualcomm is hoping to change that a little bit by bringing their augmented reality software kit to the iPhone. The kit, while already available for Android, will be available in July for iPhone developers.

If you’re a developer, or interested in the tools at all, you can check out Qualcomm’s developer network, QDevNet, for some information on their augmented reality kit.

Hopefully these tools help turn augmented reality apps into useful every day applications instead of kitschy one off products.

Article Via All Things D

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