Pump The Jams With This Giant Earbud

EARPHONENow this is what we call a novelty. Are you tired of listening to your music using the boring old Apple-sanctioned earbuds? Could you get any more pedestrian? Well, this Earphone Speaker Keychain available from ThinkGeek is here to mix it up.At 1.25 inches around, this giant earbud isn’t a special modification made for basketball players. It is a speaker that plugs into any standard 1/8th inch audio jack. Plug it into your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and you’ve got yourself a kitsch portable speaker. It doesn’t have a battery or any external power though, so don’t expect any spectacular amplification over your device’s built-in speaker.When you’re not using this to pump your jams on the go, it easily stores in the accompanying keychain attachment. Even if it doesn’t have much practical use for your music playing apparatus, it still looks pretty cool sitting on your keychain.So, how do you get your very own? Head on over to ThinkGeek, and drop the $8.99 on this sweet nerdy speaker. Shipping will vary, but it looks like orders over $25 USD get free shipping in the United States, so you might want to shop in bulk.


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