Protect Your iPhone And Replace Your Wallet With The Charbonize Wallet Case

Charbonize iPhone 5 Wallet

I’ll come out and say it, I have a thing for iPhone wallet cases. Why? They have two important functions: providing both protection for your iPhone, and they’re a small, convenient replacement for your wallet. Design is also important to me, because well, I like it when my iPhone looks good. Enter the Charbonize Wallet Case.

The Charbonize Wallet Case is a pouch style case that is available for the iPhone 5. This pouch not only holds and protects your iPhone, but it can hold cash, credit cards and IDs as well. Your iPhone fits into the rear portion of the pouch, while the small black leather pouch on the front is just wide enough to hold a credit card and deep enough to stack a couple cards and some cash.

The case itself is made from a black leather material, as well as recycled grey wool. Since the pouch is made from wool, it won’t scratch your iPhone from continuous use, and it should get softer in time. The wool material should also clean your iPhone’s screen of fingerprints when sliding in and out of the pouch. If you’d like a┬áCharbonize Wallet Case for yourself, expect to drop $65.

The company also makes iPad sleeves and laptop bags.

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