Say what? Police deploy chopper to catch iPhone thief

It’s like a scene directly from a movie: a thief jukin’ and jiving in and out of alley ways, fleeing the scene of a crime. Then, out of nowhere, a camera pans to a helicopter flying above the buildings. The thief is out of options. You just can’t outrun a helicopter while on foot.

Usually in the movies these kinds of “chase” scenes are accompanied by a heist of some kind. In this particular version of the story, there’s a small twist. Instead of the thief making away with millions in jewelry, the thief stole an iPhone.

Cue the helicopter.

Police in Australia apparently take iPhone theft so seriously that they figured the best way to track down the criminal was to use Find My iPhone and the company’s chopper.

To be fair, the helicopter was already in the area, and not dispatched for the sole purpose of tracking down a stolen iPhone. The thief was apprehended and is now being charged with burglary, theft, and possession of cannabis. The poor bloke never had a chance.

If there was ever a moment in history that I could use some iPhone video footage, this would be it. Seeing the look on the thief’s face when the chopper came over the horizon would have been priceless.

Doesn’t this sound like an awesome bonus level for Dave Frampton’s Chopper 2? I bet there would be quite the cathartic release in mowing down iPhone thieves from a Chopper.

Article Via TUAW

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