Pegatron to pick up iPhone 5 contract, start shipping in September?

Hot on the heels of last week’s rumor that Pegatron would be picking up the manufacturing contract for the next iPad, a new unconfirmed report says that Pegatron will be shipping out the iPhone 5 come September. According to DigiTimes, the manufacturer has landed a contract for 10 million iPhone 5s with shipments coming in September. The report also indicates that Pegatron will be the second ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) for the iPhone 5, with the first presumably being Foxconn.

According to their sources, Pegatron is also seeking not only iPad and iPhone 5 contracts, but possibly MacBook Air and other Apple device manufacturing contracts as well. “As iPhone gross margins are relatively small, Pegatron aims to compete for orders for iPad, MacBook Air and other Apple products and has increased production equipment and employment,” says DigiTimes.

Who is Pegatron? Founded in 2007, the company manufactures not only Apple devices, but according to their website they also manufacture motherboards, notebooks, game consoles, LCD TVs and more, for various companies. Pegatron has its headquarters in Taiwan, but is a global company, with manufacturing plants in China, Mexico and the Czech Republic. A look at their financials shows monthly revenues for the month of June up sharply over the previous year, by some 44 percent. Perhaps it’s indicative of some lucrative contract they may have picked up in that month, hmm?

It’s times like these that are so much fun for us Apple watchers. Rumors are swirling, with September only a month away, and there is a lot of back and forth over whether we will see the next iPhone in September or October. Will it be slimmer? Have a bigger screen? Use the same processor as the iPad 2, and have an 8 megapixel camera? The anticipation is almost better than the actual product itself. Almost.

Via: AppleInsider
Source: DigiTimes

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