iOS 6: Panorama Will Work In iOS 6 On iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, And iPod Touch 5th Gen


Yesterday, Phil Schiller unveiled built-in Panoramas in iOS 6. This was shown off using the fancy new iPhone 5, and that led some of us to worry that our older phones wouldn’t be able to use this cool new feature. It looks like Apple has decided to take some pity on us, and enable Panorama on devices other than the iPhone 5.

TUAW confirmed that the iPhone 4S as well as the iPod touch fifth generation would both get Panorama. It looks like the old A4-based models like the iPhone 4 and iPod touch fourth generation just don’t have the horsepower to do the image processing in a reasonable amount of time. It’s understandable considering we could be talking about a 28 megapixel image. That needs a lot of power under the hood.

While the iPad 2 and iPad New weren’t specifically name checked, they should have more than enough horsepower to do what you need to do. If you just can’t wait for iOS 6 to launch, there is a fantastic application called Autostitch that I use constantly, and it offers up some great panoramas. It’s available for any device that can run iOS 4.0 or later, so even legacy devices can get their panorama on for only $1.99 USD. Not a bad deal, and there is no waiting there.

Source: TUAW

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