New York Times And Flipboard Team Up To Bring Readers Full Length Content

The New York Times (NYT) has finally figured out something most blog owners knew years ago — getting your content in front of readers, no matter what app they’re using, is a big key to success in today’s mobile connected world. The New York Times has partnered with Flipboard to bring its full length articles to Flipboard for customers that already have a subscription to the NYT.

Flipboard is not a way around the New York Times paywall for free, but if you already have access to the paywall, you’ll finally be able to get the New York Times beside your other content in Flipboard.

The move is pretty monumental for Flipboard as it’s the very first time that a major publisher has agreed to give Flipboard’s customers access to articles beyond a paywall. On the flip side, it’s also the first time that the New York Times has let anyone else tie into its premium articles. The times, they are a changin’

What’s interesting here is that it may be the beginning of a paradigm shift for publishers who recognize that plenty of third party applications provide a much better reading platform than their very own mobile applications. You would be hardpressed to find anyone that prefers the New York Times application over Flipboard. Again, this is something that most bloggers know already, and it’s why we’ve partnered with Flipboard, Pulse, Flud, and others to bring you our content. Those apps will be better than anything we would create, and you’ll have a better, broader reading experience if you use them.

This is a very smart move by The New York Times.

Via: All Things D

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