New Touch to get camera and mic capabilities

We’ve been looking forward to the day that Apple’s Touch can become a wifi phone to be reckoned with.  It almost puts into question our desire for an iPhone.  If you live in a major city center than there’s an excellent chance you can track down wifi on every single block (legally, or illegally).  Wired is reporting today that an insider deep inside of Apple Inc, has confirmed that the new Touch will have both a camera and a built in mic, and that it’s expected to ship within the next couple of months.  I’m left wondering how much of this is a shot across the bow of the Telco’s.  People have been saying for quite some time now that it’s only a matter of time until we stop paying corporations for our telecommunications, and start relying on open wireless access points to take our calls.  Obviously this comes with a shred of hyperbole, as many iPhone users don’t live in major urban areas where they have access to thousands of connection points, but it is a bit of a step into the future nonetheless.  I likely would have second guessed the purchase of my iPhone had a touch been available, and Skype’s app been on the market when I purchased my 3G phone.  Whether or not it’s applicable in the near future isn’t what this is about, what it’s about is that technology is moving forward and corporations will be struggling to keep up.

[via Wired]

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