New Ivy Bridge CPU Launch Dates Confirmed

After being pushed back twice, we now have official launch dates for the revised Ivy Bridge CPUs from Intel.

CPU World reports that it has been confirmed that Intel will announce Z77, Z75, H77 and B75 chipsets on April 8, and select Ivy Bridge processors will be announced in the 4th week of April, between the 22nd and 28th. These chips will be available for sale on April 29. Another round of mostly Core i5 processors will be made available on June 3, with announcements around that time. Finally, the Core i3 parts will be introduced sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2012. Click through to their article to see specifics on models, specifications, and prices.

This personally makes me really excited, as I’m in the market to upgrade my iMac to either a newer one, or to a Mac Pro. Both models are well past their refresh cycles, so it can be safely assumed that these Ivy Bridge announcements will have an impact on these releases. And that i7 3.5GHz looks darn sexy…

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