New iPhone Case, TAKTIK, Made By Creators Of LunaTik Nano Watch Case

The creators of the KickStarter funded products, the LunaTik iPod Nano watch strap and the LunaTik Touch Pen, have been at it again and this time they have designed a case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S named TAKTIK.

This new case is made from durable Ballistik polymer and high quality aluminum. The iPhone display is already covered with Gorilla Glass technology, but this new case gives more protection by adding an extra layer of Gorilla Glass. According to the creators, the Gorilla Glass protective lens on the front bezel also includes anti-glare and anti-smudge coating.

On top of that, TAKTIK also includes smart water-proofing technology over all of the iPhone external ports, including the speaker grill, which are easily opened when your phone needs to be charged, for instance. This is a really great feature for those of us who are prone to water-related accidents.

This case offers great protection for iPhones while also maintaining an aesthetic appeal that many consumers look for in a case.

As of now, TAKTIK is said to ship to those who backed the fundraising in the month of August. The creators have also promised a similar version of the case for when the iPhone 5 is released.

So if you’re interested in this case, head on over to the KickStarter website to check out more details.

Source: KickStarterĀ via ModMyi
Image Credit: KickStarter

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