New Device, App Turns Smart iPhones Into Wind Meters

Wind is a big deal. Knowing how hard it’s blowing or when there isn’t even a breeze is important. It can mean the difference between a good hair day or a bad one, a good surf session or a bad one, and even a good game of golf. With Shaka’s new gadget you can turn your iPhone into your own personal wind meter so you’re prepared for all types of wind, both good and bad.

How does it work? Simply plug the wind meter (a small plastic fan) into the 3.5mm jack on your phone and hold your phone up to the wind. The wind meter corresponds with the accompanying app, which gives details like wind speed and direction from anywhere you’re standing and keeps a record of all wind measurements.

You can also share them on social networks like Facebook and you can overlay the results on a map to see where the wind is just right for the activity you have planned for the day.

As of now it’s only available for iOS but other versions for Android and Windows are reportedly in the works. For now they are priced at $59.99 through Shaka and, while not available just yet, will be launching soon according to Shaka’s website.

Source: Shaka and Engadget via OhGizmo!
Image Credit: GeekyGadgets

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