Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting for iPhone releases worldwide in June

Capcom announced a new game in the Monster Hunter series for the iPhone and iPod touch yesterday: Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting. Originally revealed by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu as coming to Japan in June 2011, it was further revealed in a press release that it would in fact be a worldwide launch. Yay for us!

Monster Hunter as a franchise is HUGE in Japan, with many people taking ‘hunting’ breaks during work, gathering with three other players for a co-op multiplayer quest to hunt down some monster. The iPhone version takes the core element of the game, fighting the monster, and simplifies it to work on the touch screen. The controls are much simpler, dropping the onscreen D-Pad in favour of simply tapping to attack, sliding gestures to move, and multi-finger taps and swipes to block and dodge, respectively.

From what I can tell from the video, it seems to be a single player game, with each encounter with monsters a strictly one-on-one affair. In what is a major break from the traditional Monster Hunter formula, each attack you make shows a damage number, and the monster has a health bar. There also doesn’t seem to be any prelude to fighting the monster. You’re simply dropped into a direct battle with the monster in a closed environment.

“Like the console games, “Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting” transports the player to a fantasy environment where massive creatures roam the land. In epic encounters against titanic beasts you’ll battle claw against sword for glory and survival,” according to the press release. The game promises to include the iconic monsters from the various series, including Yian Kut-Ku featured in the teaser video. Check it out, and look for it to hit the App Store next month.

Article Via Capcom-Unity

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