MMS issues in Canada. Go figure.

With every new piece of news I get about Rogers and telcos, a little bit of my soul dies. Mark my words, in 5 years these cellular networks are going to be the same as the gas cartels. A whole lot of lies, and a whole lot of extremely angry customers later, someone, somewhere will stand up and do something, but by then it’ll be too late.

After taking an hour to explain the iPhone plans to my mother a couple weeks ago, I realized that all the documents they sent her home with were a bunch of crap. They were clearly designed to confuse customers. Some pages had information on packages with the daytime talk time allotment info, other pages highlighted dataplans that were included in a package, but failed to mention anything about the daytime minutes. It took me, a quite tech savvy person, an hour to wrap my head around all the packages.

News today from the iPhone in Canada blog has my head spinning yet again.

To get MMS officially working on a Rogers Wireless iPhone 3G/3GS, you need the following:

  • iPhone 3.0 Software
  • A Data Plan (which starts at $25/month)
  • No Data blocks whatsoever, at all.
  • MMS capabilities (Starting at $5/month for just a Messages Bundle or $0.50/MMS on a pay per use basis)

If you do not have a data plan, or you have any data restrictions on your account, you’re out of luck. Apparently you need a data plan to send a MMS. Funny how that works. MMS can’t be covered by your data plan, but it certainly uses the same “data” to send the file. Talk about BS. I’d really like to hear Rogers’ justification for SMS and MMS bundles for an extra $5.00, when I’m already paying a kings ransom to us data already.

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