MiniBanners Improves iOS’s Enormous Notifications Banners

Do you like iOS notifications but aren’t a fan of the interface? Well, now you can fix that with MiniBanners, a jailbreak tweak for iOS. This tweak makes the notification bars smaller, thus using less screen real estate.

MiniBanners is also completely customizable. With MiniBanners, you can customize the colors, fonts, and many other aspects of the notification bar. This is great if you often use custom themes that don’t work well with Apple’s standard notification banners.

At first, MiniBanners will only show the app’s name as well as the notification count. If you’d like to view a preview of the actual notification, long press it.

iMore notes that the only major problem with this tweak occurs when receiving text messages. If your contact has a longer first and last name in your address book, the text gets cut off by the notification badge. Hopefully this is fixed in a future update.

If you’re interested, Minibanners is available in the Cydia store for a mere $0.99. I think it’s totally worth it if you’re an avid jailbreaker that would like to make iOS notifications more compatible with your custom iPhone theme.

Via: iMore
Image Credit: iMore

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