Millennial Media Finds Apple And Samsung Topping Impression Charts

A new Mobile Mix report released today by Millennial Media found Apple at the top of the “impression” charts, alongside other competitors like Android. The Mobile Mix is a quarterly report for Q2 2012 and includes data on Top 20 Mobile Phones, Top 10 Mobile Application Categories, and Top 5 Tablets.

Millennial Media, an independent leader in mobile advertising and data, found in its September report that Apple was at the top of the charts for manufacturer impressions with 31.38 percent of all overall device impressions. Samsung was the second leading manufacturer. Combined, Apple and Samsung made up over 50 percent of all mobile impressions.

The report also found of all impressions on the Millennial Media platform, the Android operating system made up 46 percent, followed by iOS with 34 percent, Blackberry OS with 15 percent, and Windows with 4 percent.

The iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Kindle Fire were found to be the top three tablets ranked by impressions and were in the top 20 overall mobile devices in the report.

While Apple and Samsung both saw impressive numbers, it would be interesting to see how much the anticipation for the iPhone 5 affected Apple’s numbers. The launch of a new device often creates a big change for Apple in Millennial’s findings. When the iPhone 4S was released, impressions rose from 200 percent in the first week to 1800 percent after one month.

Source: Millennial Media via TechCrunch 

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