Microsoft Office App For iOS To Be Released In Early 2013 With Basic Functionality

It’s been rumored that Microsoft is planning to bring Microsoft Office to iOS devices and now the Verge is reporting that this will become a reality early next year. It will be available for iOS in February or March, and then for Android soon after in May.

Although Microsoft itself hasn’t had much to say about its plans for the product, the Verge has learned these details from a number of sources close to Microsoft. The Office Mobile app will be free and will allow iOS and Android users to view Microsoft Office documents while on the go. When it first launches, a Microsoft account will provide access to a basic viewing functionality in the apps. The apps will support Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, and users can subscribe to an edit functionality with an Office 365 subscription.

iOS users will be able to purchase Office 365 subscriptions with the app or Microsoft will let organizations distribute codes that will enable Office Mobile editing for users. While the apps will allow basic editing, reports also suggest it won’t go very far in replacing regular full use of the desktop version of Office.

Earlier in October, Microsoft released a press release that first revealed the Office Mobile app for iOS and Android would be available in March 2013. When asked for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson only said, “Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.”

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