Mega Man To Get His Own iOS Social RPG


While Mega Man has already made his way to iOS, most of the ports and renditions of previous NES games left a lot to be desired for gamers. Capcom is still giving it the old college try though, and new plans have been announced: Mega Man Xover is being developed for iOS. This time, it’s no port.

The game, being made to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary (damn, I’m old), will be a social role-playing game set in a Xover (pronounced Crossover) world, where gamers get to build their own Mega Man, and then team up with friends to fight the regular Mega Man villans. on the gameplay:

[quote]The Mega Man heroes have been locked away in a separate dimension by such fiendish villains as Dr. Wily and Sigma. Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack jointly develop a new robot to deal with this dangerous situation. This mass production robot makes use of Battle Memory scattered around the world to build up its capabilities.[/quote]

Mega Man is a lot like Zelda and Mario for me. It brings me right back to my childhood. It always will. I really, really hope that Capcom manages to outdo their previous Mega Man iOS attempts and manages to knock this one out of the park. I could use a good Mega Man game — I’m starting to feel old again.

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