Make Your iPhone’s Camera Even More Awesome With Phocus

The iPhone’s camera is pretty good for what it is. In fact, some even think it’s more epic than the RED Epic. But what if there was a way to cram your DSLR’s lenses into your iPhone’s camera to make the ultimate mobile photography workhorse? It looks as if the folks at Arizona-based Phocus are thinking the same thing. They’ve created a case for the iPhone 4/4S that allows you to mount most Nikon and Canon lenses to your iPhone. And while the case isn’t small, it’ll easily fit into a messenger bag.

The Phocus case comes with two lenses: a macro lens and a wide-angle lens. These lenses are made specifically for the case and will not work with any other camera. The Phocus case also features a couple tripod mounts and has cutouts for the power and volume buttons. This is nice as the volume buttons can work as a shutter button in iOS 5 and 6.

If you want to pick up a Phocus mount for yourself, head over to the Phocus store and prepare to drop $99 on a Phocus case. The Phocus Store also sells other accessories such as a portrait lens and adapters.

Source: Phocus via Design Boom

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