MacBook Air refresh rumors float around, get shot down (oh, and unlocked iPhones may hit US ground)

This weekend, rumors about a MacBook Air refresh once again started circling the Interwebs. While Apple’s ultralight notebook is expected to be updated with Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge processors, it doesn’t look like it will be this week after all.

On Saturday, Chronic Wire tweeted:

The only thing sources have 100% confirmed about the new MacBook Air is the Wednesday release. Might have more info on it soon, though.

Well, it turns out that saying anything is 100% confirmed when dealing with Apple rumors can be a dangerous things. Yesterday, the tech writer clarified things:

CORRECTION: Source had mixed up part numbers, it is unlocked iPhones that will be headed to US Apple Stores for Wednesday, NOT MacBook Airs.


It turns out the part numbers MC603, MC604, MC605, MC606 are white and black 16GB and 32GB GSM unlocked iPhone 4s set to be sold in US Apple Stores this week.

If this pans out, it would be the first time that unlocked iPhones are sold at Apple Stores. Customers could previously purchase off-contract iPhones from AT&T.

Article Via Mac Rumors

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