Kwaga Acquires Boxcar

Boxcar, a popular notification app for Mac and iOS, was recently acquired by Kwaga, a French software company. Kwaga is behind the popular subscription service, a service that keeps your address book as current as possible. Kwaga has said that they will not only use Boxcar’s services and technologies with their own services, but will continue to support Boxcar for new and existing users. Boxcar’s founder Jonathan George will join Kwaga’s board as an advisor. No word has been given on whether or not Boxcar will receive more features or other updates in the future.

If you’ve never used Boxcar or are unfamiliar with the service, Boxcar is a smart notification aggregator for iOS, Web and Mac. You can link social media accounts to Boxcar as well as other services such as Mint to receive smart and customizable notifications for each service. Boxcar also offers a web client, so you can view all of your social, email and other accounts in one place no matter where you are. Boxcar has said that they’ve pushed over 2 billion notifications since they launched in 2009. In the past few months, users thought that the Boxcar service was dead because the service was temporarily plagued by downtime.

Source: Macworld

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