New jetpacks, costumes and social features make Jetpack Joyride even more awesome

It’s no secret that we love never-ending flier Jetpack Joyride, and it seems we’re not alone. Thankfully this level of popularity means developers continue to support their games long after release. Halfbrick is no stranger to prolonged generosity and has rewarded its loyal fans with another free update chock-full of content.

Last time we got fruit jetpacks and a flying dragon. This outing there are various new costumes; Sensei from Halfbrick’s other popular series, Fruit Ninja, appears. It’s accompanied by some plush royal clothes and fancy robotic togs. There are also two new jetpacks to show off — a pimping chrome afterburner and an outrageous Golden Piggy Pack.

Finally and more exciting is the social functionality that’s been added. You’re now able to see your friends’ high scores in game and there’s Twitter / Facebook functionality for bragging rights. Feel free to add me on Game Centre and try to beat my 4,700M.

The best thing about it? The game’s still only £0.69 / $0.99 and there are plenty more updates planned soon.

Via: Pocket Gamer

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