Is Hulu right around the corner for the iPhone?

Before the iPad was released there were rumors that Hulu would be available as one of the apps that would launch with the iPad. It didn’t happen, and we are still left wondering if it will be released.

Some quick background info

Hulu uses Flash to deliver their content over the Internet. Which works fine if you are watching videos on your Mac; however, it will not work on your iPhone or iPad since Flash is not supported on these devices.  It was rumored that Hulu was going to conform to the HTML5 standard and remove the Flash wrapper that is on their videos. I guess that is why they didn’t launch with an app when the iPad was released. Now with the technical stuff out of the way, I’d like to now talk about the Hulu app.

Rumors of a Hulu App on the horizon

Dragos Pirvu of soft sailor is reporting that the Hulu app will be available sooner than later:

“…The last piece of information leaked by Google is the Hulu app for Android smartphones and iPhone OS. When googling for “hulu android” the official Hulu Labs website gives hints of a “Hulu App for Android devices” and later on we can spot these words “iPhone / iPod Application…” probably meaning such apps are coming soon.”

I’m guessing that it would launch when iPhone OS 4.0 is released. Apple will likely have them on stage as one of the app developers that will present the iPhone app. They did this last year with Tom Tom GPS app.  This was in conjunction with Apple introducing turn-by-turn directions on their updated GPS for the iPhone.

I’m excited to see Hulu coming to the iPhone and the iPad. I love the ABC Streaming app, and I have a feeling that the Hulu app will deliver some great content as well. The other thing that Hulu has in the works is a subscription model that they will charge $9.99 a month for content beyond the current five shows. If Hulu can deliver the same TV shows that are on satellite and cable, then I’m sold on their subscription model. If I could drop my $112.00 a month satellite bill I would be very happy. Only time will tell if sites like Hulu can de-throne the big satellite and cable companies.

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