Irish Justice Minister Pissed That A Local Airfield Is Marked As An Airport In Apple’s New Maps App

Well, it’s probably safe to assume that we’re about to find ourselves in another “gate” with iOS 6. Annoyances over Maps and Passbook are heating up. A lot of people, including the Minister for Justice in Ireland, are complaining publicly about Maps having misleading information. In fact, Minister Alan Shatter is worried that pilots are about to start emergency landing at an airfield in Dundrum, Dublin, because it’s marked as an airport.


The Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is to contact Apple over concerns that Airfield in Dundrum in Dublin has been designated with the image of an airport on its new ‘map app’ … Minister Shatter says the designation is dangerously misleading and could lead to a pilot who’s unfamiliar with the area, attempting a landing there in an emergency situation.

First, any pilot relying on their iPhone, iPad, and a brand new, pretty much beta application like Maps, instead of traditional tools, while they’re in the air needs their pilot’s license yanked. Second, this is actually an opportunity for someone to create an accurate flight manual or mapping system for pilots.

Apple’s Maps isn’t exactly perfect, but we’re not really sure what kind of drugs the minister is smoking either. Apple’s Maps clearly lists the airfield as, well, an airfield, and not an airport.

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