Infographic: iPhones, iPads Are Devices Of Choice For In-Air Wi-Fi Connectivity With Gogo

A new infographic published by Gogo looks at what airplane passengers are using and doing with Gogo in-air Internet and, more importantly, which devices are being used. In the not-so-surprising results, Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad dominate in-flight Internet usage.

According to the infographic, tablets and smartphones in general now make up 67% of the devices that are being used to connect to Gogo. Tablets are the most preferred device at 35%, laptops at 33% and smartphones at 32%.

Apple devices remain the device of choice though, with the iPad taking the top spot. Of all the mobile devices being used to connect to Gogo, 84% were Apple devices, while 16% were Android devices. The most popular devices used to get online are Apple devices at 73% and Android devices at 26%, while both Blackberry and Windows devices make up less than 1% of usage.

Gogo found that the majority of passengers connect to the Internet for general Web surfing. Other than that, passengers also spend their time checking email, social media sites, checking sports scores and shopping. Business travelers ranked accessing work and finalizing reports as the most frequent use for Internet in the air. Some also use it to check the weather of where they’re going, entertainment options, and directions for once they arrive.

Image Credit: Gogo

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.